Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Birthday RoadRunner Portland Run

I ran my first "long run Saturday" this past weekend.  You know you're starting over when 6 miles is long, and feels long.

All bundled up (and soaking wet) post run.
Last Saturday, RoadRunner Sports in downtown Portland was celebrating it's one year anniversary with a 3 mile fun run.  A few of us carpooled over early, to turn it into 6 miles, but get back in time to celebrate with raffle tickets, waffles, bagels and coffee.

After checking the weather, and noting no rain until lunchtime, I promptly got in my car and left my phone at home.  I did remember to charge my Garmin (and wear it), but did not pack a towel, brimmed hat, change of shoes or change of clothes.  The rain started coming down as we parked at RR, and didn't stop.  We ran down to the Willamette River, over the Hawthorne Bridge, back over the Steel Bridge and "home" to RR on 23rd Avenue.  I was wiping water out of my eyes for the last 3 miles.  I wrung out my running jacket, water dripping everywhere as we changed into the clothes we did bring.

All I had (pictured above) is a warm jacket and my Bondiband ponytail hat.  Luckily, a rep from Ragnar was handing out Ragnar t-shirts (and chapstick), so I scored a Ragnar shirt and wore it under my warm jacket on top of my wet running bra.  Only a partial fail, I guess.

Plan for this Week
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: weights/yoga
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: weights/yoga
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: weights (and maybe a 4 mile walk)

I'm back at planning my workout weeks.  I should be weighing myself on Sundays, too, but I couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday.  Maybe I'll dig out my size 6 jeans and try them on weekly instead.  Getting back in to them is my main goal, not a silly number on the stupid scale.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh, The Places I'll Go

I'm ready to get excited about races for 2015.

Hopefully, not too many mountains.
A few of my bloggy friends have been asking about specifics for this year.  I'm pulling the states together, piece by piece.  I thought it would be fun to show you where I'm at in the planning stages.

1.  March 1- Hot Chocolate 15k - Seattle (last year's race recap HERE)
Registration: paid
Hotel: booked
Transportation: train ticket purchased
Buddies or Family:  Buddies, lots of buddies for this one.  My local pals and I are traveling up on the train (so much fun).  Then, I'll be meeting up with Seattle locals Kerrie and Mel.
Matchy outfits: No plans yet, but I'd like to resurrect my chocolate socks.

That's me.  On the left.
2.  May 1st and 3rd -Independence Series - Pennsylvania and New York
Half Marathon -States #37 and #38.
Registration: due in early March
Hotels: not booked
Transportation: airfare paid
Buddies or Family:  Thrilled to be tackling this with MCM Mama.  Her plan is to do back to back fulls, NJ and NY.  Which makes me the designated driver "home" on Sunday after her second full.  It's the least I could do.
Matchy outfits: definitely, I'm sure

3.  May 24th - Boston Run to Remember - Massachusetts - State #39
Registration: paid
Hotels: booked
Transportation: airfare paid
Buddies or Family:  I've been planning this race for two years.  My daughter, A, will be 18 and she loves #allthehistory.  My mom is coming along to complete the girls weekend.  The plan is to take public transportation and let A plan the tourist schedule for the weekend.

Boston start.  Courtesy race website.  Love this photo.
4.  July 11th - Shipyard Old Port Half - Maine - State #40
I'm going to be spending a lot of time on the east coast.  Those pesky states.
Registration: paid
Hotels: AirBnB, booked
Transportation: still need to decide if we're flying in to Boston or Portland, ME.
Buddies or Family:  Girls weekend!  Sonya, E and Z are planning on attending.

5. September 13th - Hopefully this half - Michigan - State #41
S' Ducks are playing at MSU on 9/12.  Fingers crossed I can find a close by half on 9/13.
Registration: Nope
Hotels: staying with my sister
Transportation: Nope
Buddies or Family:  S should run with me.  Hopefully I can talk the BIL into it as well.

6.  October 5th? - Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half - Maryland - State #42
So, this one starts in Virginia at Mount Vernon!!  But ends in Maryland.  My challenge, my rules.  I'm counting it for Maryland.
Registration: Nope
Hotels: Nope
Transportation: Nope
Buddies or Family:  S will be coming along, so this is a couple's weekend.  Sonya cherry picked this race to tag along to as well.  MCM Mama is local, and I think she has freed her weekend up to run! 

That leaves 8 states for 2016-17.  Alabama, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Alaska.  Alaska will be #50, on the Great Alaskan Running Cruise

Whew!  The feelings of being overwhelmed by this last year are being overtaking by excitement.  It's gonna be fun!

Half Marathons Through 2014
Make yours @
Make yours @

I've linked this post up with MCM Mama's Tuesdays on the Run.  Check her out!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

December in Review

Miles Planned/Ran: 20/16.  This low number of miles is over.  January is here.  I'm slowly ramping it back up for many races and states in 2015.

Miles Planned/Walked: 57/41.  My walking experiment was not a weight loss success.  Being a "mostly" walker for November and December was a good way to cut back on running.  I hope it will be beneficial as I build my mileage back up.

Highest Run Mileage Week: 8.

Long Runs Planned/Ran: 0.

Yoga Workouts Planned/Completed: 4/2.  Hoping to get more yoga done in January as the miles increase.

Non Workout Days Planned/Taken: 5/9. 

Half Marathons Planned/Completed: 0/0.  I'll be back at it at the end of April now, 2 in 3 days with Mainly Marathons Independence Series.  PA and NY (and my buddy MCM Mama!)

Weights: 13/11.  Yes!  I snuck up on January and got back at the Metabolic Effect 20 minute dumbbell workouts I was doing last year.  

Current Ache/Pain: My biceps are killing me from the weights, but I love that feeling.  You know, the one where you can't lift your arms over your head.  My right ankle is a bit achy, but only first thing in the morning, not while I'm working out.

Current Book: The Wives of Los Alamos by Nesbit.  All about the lives of the women whose scientist husbands helped create the atomic bomb.  I also enjoyed The Girls of Atomic City (about Oak Ridge, TN another big player in the bomb building process).

Current Drink:  Water.  Time to shape up.

Current Song: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.  Did you see The Voice performance where he sang it in curlers?

Current Gratitude: We went to the Rose Bowl and watched S' Ducks kick the crap out of FSU.  It's quite fun to be a part time Duck fan right now.

Seen tailgating at the Rose Bowl.
Current Dislike: Never backing up my phone.  I had to get a new phone after I drowned mine.  I've since learned how to back it up to my laptop and shall be doing so often.  Starting over is hard (so many passwords!)

Current Goal: Become a runner again!  Building up the mileage for my first race, the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle in March.  

Current Treat: We drove home, 14 hours from Pasadena, and of course stopped for the best burgers around.

Current Excitement: Scheming, booking flights, paying for race registrations for 6 new states in 2015.  PA, NY, MA, ME, MI and MD.  I don't have all the pieces together for each state yet, but planning it all is half the fun.

How about you?  How are your 2015 races coming together?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

November in Review

Oh, my goodness.  I know this is late.  But, I do believe someday I will care much more about what my November 2014 mileage looked like.

Miles Planned/Ran: 26/26.  I'm only running 4 miles on most Monday mornings until January.  And, I did do my "ultra relay" in early November, with my Sassters.

Aren't we cute?  We each ran 10 miles for our day relay.  Last year our team Haulin' Sass had 6 runners, but due to injury we were down to 3 this year.
Miles Planned/Walked: 66/59.  And, I will continue to walk in December.  Running resumes in January.

Highest Run Mileage Week: 14.

Long Runs Planned/Ran: 1/1.

Yoga Workouts Planned/Completed: 6/2.

Non Workout Days Planned/Taken: 2/5.

Half Marathons Planned/Completed: 0/0.  Next half isn't until May.  But I did register.
Boston's Run to Remember over Memorial Day.  Massachusetts, State #37!

Weights: 12/5.  I only did bodyweight workouts in November.  All 5 times.  Spoiler: I'm back to dumbbell weights workouts from Metabolic Effect for December.

Current Ache/Pain: I fell for the first time running the other day.  Gosh darn it.  My knees are all scraped up and I've gone through a bunch of band aids.  I haven't fallen before, and most of my running buddies have, so I guess it was time.

Pretty Christmas lights.  Prefall.
Current Book: Daddy's Girl by Scottoline.

Current Drink:  Water.  Time to shape up.

Current Song: I haven't ran or walked alone all month.  

Current Gratitude: I'm so thankful it didn't snow in early December like it did last year.

Current Dislike: Dark corners with uneven sidewalks.

Current Goal: To sneak up on January with weights workouts feeling like a normal thing again.  To stay away from the scale until January 1.  I took a peek the other day and am really discouraged.

Current Treat: I just might make Christmas cookies this year.  Found these cute little guys on Pinterest.  I was thinking, maybe with some local Oregon Marionberry jam?

Photo credit:  Sally's Baking Addiction
Current Excitement: It's basketball season!  Oh yeah!  A's team is 3-0.  It's her last year of high school hoops.  I'm so very proud of the athlete and teammate she has become.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October in Review

Miles Planned/Ran: 50/40.  Cutting way back this winter and adding in lots of walking.

Miles Planned/Walked: 43/41.  Lots of walks to Starbucks and back.  

Highest Running Mileage Week: 17.

Long Runs Planned/Ran:  3/3.

Yoga Workouts Planned/Completed: 8/2.  

Non Workout Days Planned/Taken: 6/8.

Swim Yards Planned/Swum: 0/0.  Unless you count one water aerobics class.

Half Marathons Planned/Completed: 1/1.  RNR St. Louis!  State #36.

Absolutely my favorite start line photo.
Race recap is HERE.
Fun things to do in St. Louis over the weekend can be found HERE.

Weights: 14/10.  Most of my workouts were bodyweight circuits.  However, I did try a new class called Adult Recess.  I tagged along with the girls to their gym and sweated like crazy through this HIIT workout.  I think we're going back again this Friday.

Current Ache/Pain: Right hip.  I'm hoping the chiropractic package I won at the high school auction will help with this continuing issue.

Current Book(s): Orange is the New Black.  I finished it in a few days while S started watching the show on Netflix.  He kept asking me "did this happen in the book, did that happen in the book?" The answer to most of his questions was "no", but then I finished watching the whole second season with him.  OMG, that final episode!  Can't wait for season 3.
Current Drink: S made the most delicious drink for tailgating last weekend, with my new favorite Medoyeff Vodka from Portland's own Bull Run Distillery.

Red Sea


  • 2 oz Medoyeff Vodka
  • 2 oz Pomegranate Juice
  • 2 oz San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda (we used lemon instead)
  • 1/8 Wedge Lemon Juice
Directions: Served over ice and garnished with lemon wedge
Current Song: I really need to add some new songs to my playlist before my next half in May.
Current Gratitude: I'm thankful for my running buddies that invited me to their HIIT class.  It's nice to have something new in the workout mix.
Current Dislike:  Daylight savings time.  Rain.  

Current Goal:  To walk more miles than I run in November and December.  To lift weights 3x/week.  To get back on a training plan in January and be excited to start running again.

Current Treat:  See current drink above.
Current Excitement:  In spite of my desire to cut back on running, Haulin' Sass will run again.  I did this one day relay last year and had a blast.  We're running again this Saturday, but due to many injuries our team of 6 has turned in to an ultra team of 3. 

I will be running legs 5 and 6 for a total of 10 miles.  I need to dig out my trucker hat and cutoffs

But I plan to run in running clothes.  Can you imagine 10 miles in denim?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4 Things To Do in St. Louis in 48 Hours

Who knew there was so much to do in St. Louis?

During the RNR St. Louis Half Marathon weekend, we decided to see how much we could squeeze in before and after the race.

1. Busch Stadium Tour followed by the Cardinals Museum
Pam is a huge Cardinals fan.  I knew she wanted to tour the stadium, and I knew it would make S jealous if we did!

Where the tour started.  Inside the stadium.
For $18 each, we saw the whole stadium.  Inside, outside, the numerous special "club" rooms and the dugout.

There were two rules before we went onto the field.  1. Stay off the grass and 2. Stay off the grass!
After the stadium tour, we went across the street to the Cardinal Museum.  After donning plastic gloves, we were able to swing the bat of the famous Cardinal of our choice!

Lefty Lou Brock's bat.
2. Budweiser Brewery Tour
The $10 Day Fresh Brewery Tour was sold out.  After touring the baseball stadium, we zoomed over to Budweiser, hoping to go on one of the free first come first served tours right away.  We were given tickets for the 7pm tour.  We came back at 6pm and snuck into that tour.

Somewhere in the middle of the tour, after our first free beer sample.
Would have been a better background if the sun hadn't set already (thanks for the photo Tiina).
The tour was less than an hour.  We saw the Clydesdales!  Also, after the tour, we received another free beer.  I thoroughly enjoyed a blended Lime-a-rita.  A grown up slurpee!

3. City Museum
To kill time while waiting for our late Budweiser tour, we went to the City Museum.  For $12 we purchased passes that didn't include the roof.  Roof Access is $5 more.

I wish my kids were able to visit.  This museum is nothing like anything I've ever seen.

A 10 story slide (or Dauntless initiation), adults only.
The interior is eclectic, with all kinds of active activities for kids to climb and jump and slide.

Jungle gym extraordinaire.
The outside of the building includes an amazing climbing structure.  I'm so glad Tiina suggested we visit.

On Sunday, after the race, we visited the Gateway Arch.  We pre purchased tickets ($10) on Friday night.  We couldn't go on Saturday, as all the tour times were completely sold by Friday evening.  Half of the arch was closed, due to men working on the outside of it.

Not a job I would want.
It took awhile to get through security, and we missed our exact ride time.  That was okay, we went up with the next group.  The view from the top was amazing.

Hello St. Louis!
We didn't have time to visit the Museum of Westward Expansion, located inside the base of the arch.  Maybe next time!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rock 'N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon, Race Recap

St. Louis, Missouri
Half Marathon State #36
Start Time: 7am
Temperature: 42 degrees
Bib: 6279
Overall:  2038/6361
Division Place: 112/492
Gender Place: 926/4080
Finish Time: 2:05:31

Heck of a sunrise!
The Rock "n Roll St. Louis half marathon started right on time.  Of course, we were still walking over from our hotel when the gun went off.  We stayed at the Missouri Athletic club, a 15 minute walk to the start.  The hotel used to be an all men's club.  But now, for the reasonable price of $112 (+ tax) per night, runner girls are welcome to sleep over.

I had planned to abandon my sweatshirt and gloves on the course, it was a bit chilly.  But, we walked right into the bag check area, so Trisha checked my sweatshirt with her stuff.  The potty lines were non existent, as corrals 2-5 went under the banner.  The girls and I separated.  I came out and was easily able to jump into the front of corral 7 (and capture the amazing photo above, one of my all time fav race photos, check out that arch!) 

Between Busch Stadium (where the Cardinals play) and the baseball museum.
I had hoped to run 10 minute miles.  After passing Busch Stadium, I had settled in around 9:30s and decided to see if I could hold on to that pace for 13 miles.

The course reminded me of the Mississippi Blues course in Jackson.  Lots of little ups and downs, through much of downtown, then neighborhoods.  I enjoyed running through The Grove area of downtown, with its quaint shops and big signs declaring where we were.  The course gave a great tour of the city.

I had purchased a Salted Watermelon Gu at the expo (along with a Root Beer and Caramel Macchiato, to be tasted at a future date).  I took a Salted Caramel Gu at mile 4, then the watermelon at mile 8 (just like I did in Madison, Wisconsin, state #35!).  Note: the expo was kind of boring.  I thought the fun activities were sent to RNR Denver, since the races were on the same weekend, but have since learned it was an uneventful expo as well.  The best part of the expo were watching the marching bands practice outside (since there was a competition going on elsewhere) and watching Pam try to get her free slinky to go down the up escalator.

The weather was perfect, the spectators and volunteers were enthusiastic.  I held close to my 9:30 pace as we finished uphill, turned right and thankfully went downhill to the finish chute.

The traditional RNR snacks were there at the finish.  Water, bananas, Gatorade, chocolate milk, bagels and Marathon Snickers bars.  Karma got me, as I tried to take two Marathon bars (one bar per runner!) I ran out of hands and tucked one into my waistbelt (which promptly fell out, on my way back to the hotel).

Awesome medal. Awesome.
The medals and race shirts are terrific.  I love that the medal reflects the city.

Cardinal red!
The shirts have a baseball pennant on the front.  The Cards would have played game 6 the night before our race, but it didn't happen.

Under the arch.
I spent the weekend with Pam, Tiina and Trisha.  Our pre race photo was not that great (plus we didn't find Tiina in time).  Post race was such a cluster in the park, we had all agreed to head back to the hotel on our own.  So, I don't have a race photo to share.  I do really like the one of us under the arch, though.

We had a super fun weekend in St. Louis, and squeezed the race into all of our touristing.  I highly recommend this town and race for your Missouri race.  I'll be back later to share what we discovered around town pre and post race.