Friday, February 24, 2012

New 2 U Cross Training Reminder

Hey, yeah you...February is almost over...have you tried your new cross training workout for this month yet?

Need a little inspiration? 

Check out Elizabeth's post HERE.  She's going to be running RNR New Orleans (hopefully with me, if she decides I'm not too slow for her...)  Her February challenge was Pilates, something I would like to try.

Pilates, anyone? (Elizabeth, you are so cute.)
Lisa tried Turbo kick.  Sounds challenging.

Thumbs up for Turbo kick
For another look at Turbo kick, go to Jamie's post HERE.

Sammy completed the Warrior Dash for her February cross training.  Since the Warrior Dash is partly running, she clarified.  Her February challenge falls under the "training in hail" category.  Jump over to her blog to read all about it HERE. What an outrageous day she had.

Warrior princesses, before the hail.
Are you inspired?  I hope so.  Remember to link up your posts on my Facebook wall (or email me).

And, if you are racing this weekend, good luck, especially all you Tinkerbells!


  1. I love these posts, when you feature the cross training people have done! Mine's done, but I have to email it to you... off to do that!

  2. I tried P90X yoga the other day. Holy freakin' hard. I could only do 30 minutes and I am horribly inflexible. I'll keep trying though and hopefully get better.

  3. thanks :) and yes, I WILL be running with you. these are training runs for me for big sur!

  4. great job on the cross training ladies.

  5. i'm borrowing my girlfriend's Brazilian Butt Lift for the weekend so I can NOT make excuses and get it in.
    I had read elizabeth's post when she put it up--- love the part about strong core makes it easier to run

  6. Great post! I love that someone else did Turbo Kick!

  7. love the cross training and people don't things they wouldn't normally do...awesome and inspiring!

    thank you :)

  8. whew - just got mine posted! Thanks for the reminder!