Friday, March 9, 2012

RNR New Orleans - Last Call

1.  One last race memory.  The course was very congested at mile 2 (and the rest of the race, for that matter).  E is from Alabama and has a sweet southern accent.  She decided we needed to pass these two guys in front of between them.  I've been in this position many times and usually try to sneak through, inevitably bumping somebody and apologizing.

Not E...she got close to the guys and said, "Excuse me y'all, I just need to pass through here.  Thank you."  I followed behind her, thanking y'all with my unsweet northern accent.  The guys scooted over, smiled and made room for us.  In future races, I will be borrowing her approach.

2.  I need to thank the New Orleans Saints one more time.   Their 55 point victory over an opponent I can't remember was the catalyst for our trip to NOLA.  I registered on the one day RNR gave a $55 discount.  This race and experience was definitely worth $35.

3.  A taxi ride to anywhere downtown is $33 for two.  I am so thankful we didn't rent a car.  The traffic downtown was a mess.  So much is within walking distance.  Do not rent a car if you are spending your trip in the city.

4.  We stayed at the Omni Royal Crescent, two blocks from the race start.    What a great hotel.  I highly recommend it.  Two blocks from the French Quarter, on a quiet side street.  We became "loyalty members" (no charge to sign up) and had free wi fi and coffee delivered to our room every morning.  The wi fi connection wasn't the greatest, oh well.

5.  You must plan to ignore your diet in New Orleans!  We found a great local restaurant for breakfast after the race, Mother's.  S found a website where a commenter told us what to order.  We split it.  Crawfish omelette, pancakes with peach preserves, grits and a biscuit.  I was so excited to get my authentic New Orleans breakfast.

On Monday we had breakfast at Cafe du Monde, a coffee stand that has been in NOLA since the 19th century.  Everyone told us we had to get there for their beignets and coffee.  Definitely a good choice!

This was on Sunday, the line was huge to get in!
6. Besides our Cafe du Monde souvenir coffee cups, I came home with a special t-shirt.  We did walk all over the French Quarter, looking for an XL, and finally found one.  I love True Blood.  Can't wait until it starts again this summer.

S wouldn't get off the bed to take my pic, sorry for the weird angle, but the shirt is so cute!


  1. A race, lunch at Mothers, AND Cafe Du Monde!? You had a FABULOUS weekend!!!! :0) Congrats on the race!

  2. We are twins! I bought that exact same shirt in NOLA in January (I got the gray one though!) I LOVE TB!!!!!

    You are correct in throwing your diet out the window there. The food is amazing not to mention alcoholic beverages EVERYWHERE. Alcohol is like candy down there. Crazy! The best food I had in NOLA was at the cooking school I went to. Made the most amazing gumbo I have ever had.

    I may have gained a few pounds there and we were only there for 3 days. Tried running (we stayed in the French Qtr.), but I was too chicken to go by myself. I went out on walkway by the Mississippi the first morning, but all the homeless people scared me and then the walkway stopped and I didn't know where it started again...maybe on the other side of the casino? Anyways, I threw in the towel and a glass of vino instead. :-)

  3. Hey, I've stayed at that Omni!

    I went to NO once when I was 19, and thought it was full of magic. I went again when I was.... 22 and once when I was 30, and was way less impressed. I'm a fuddy duddy apparently. Or, I had kids with me and couldn't drink. Either one.

  4. I don't feel like I got a real New Orleans experience. That's what I get for being cheap :D

  5. Cafe du Monde is absolutely wonderful! I love that Elizabeth is so polite. I'm from AL too and I never have a problem navigating my way through during races because I do the same thing and I'm the one that needs to move I always say excuse me for some reason. It's just habit when I feel like I'm in someone's way.

  6. All the things I want to do in NOLA! I can't wait to go someday! Sounds like a great trip, glad you had one more post. True Blood is wonderful!!

  7. Ahh... cafe du monde is one of my all-time favorites! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. ha! i had forgotten about that. i love that you put “tips” in about the destination and race. I need to work on that.

  9. I totally do as your southern friend does and call out that I'm passing in between with a pathetic out of breath, "Hey guys I'm going to sneak between you two - thanks :)" I should give "y'all" a whirl next time though, sweet!

    LOVE the tourist tips. I'm completely sold on doing this race next year. AND will be taking your newly acquired insider info to heart. Thanks!

  10. Cafe du Monde was awesome! I went there Sunday evening and did not wait long to get a table but the place was crowded.

    Wait! You only paid $35 for the race? I thought it was the other way around. The fee was $55 because the Saints beat the other team by 55 points. No?

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

    I may need to try your friend's approach when passing people, I've definitely bumped into my fair share of other runners!

  12. You give some great tips for NOLA here. SO glad I read it. Who knows...maybe I will get to race there sometime :)

    Loved the charm your friend used. Very nice...and southern gentlemen are so chivalrous.

  13. $55 for the race entry?! That's an amazing deal! I just went to new Orleans (for work though boo) for the first time in November. Aren't those beignets the best? Yum! I want to do this race someday.

  14. great time! Mother's is our favorite restaurant when we visit! we have TONS of family there, and we always know Mother's po-boy will be on our list of things to do...and yes, diets cannot be controlled over there!! ha!!

    congrats on the race!!! another victory, my friend :-)

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