Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday - New 2U Cross Training

1.  March is half over, people!  It's pouring rain here in Oregon.  I admit, cross training is the last thing on my mind.  However, I do have plans to take a Zumba class during spring break.  This will be my March new 2 me cross training.  Picking a day to do it is half the battle, and it's scheduled in my planner.

2.  Jen, from Just Me and the Ones That I Love, has already accomplished her new cross training for March.  Congrats, Jen!  You are the first one to report in this month.  Check out her post HERE, to learn all about Jillian's Ripped in 30.

I want to try this DVD....
...and isn't Jen's shirt adorable?
3.  Lisa at Because I Can got her February New 2 U in at the last minute.  Thank goodness it was Leap Year and she had an extra day!  Check out her post HERE.  She did the Bum Bum Brazil Butt Lift DVD.

Not sure if I want to try this one...
Lisa has a video embedded in her post that is hysterical.  Lisa's videos always make me and S laugh.  Thanks for sharing buddy!

No excuses, y'all.  You've got two more weeks, plus a few days, to get off your bum bum and try something new.  Don't forget to Facebook or email me your blog links.


**Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Kelly, who turns 40 21 today.  Love ya!**

Kelly, me and our neighbor, Janine, circa 1976.

 Me, our Mom and Kelly at her wedding last May.  Wasn't she a pretty bride?


  1. I just realized that I already did my new to me cross training - biking outside on my new bike for the first time in 13 years! I will write up a better blog post about it (I already did one but just did our first training ride yesterday).

  2. zumba was potentially going to be my march as well!
    I'm glad my videos makes you two laugh.
    I love how you towered over people even when you were younger :) (me too)

  3. I did my cross training challenge 3 days into March and just haven't been able to blog it yet - how lame is that? I, too, did Zumba - I will try to get the report in soon!

  4. Love the picture of you when you were a little girl. SO adorable! Love the dresses :-)

  5. I was reading the comments and them combined with you = a whole lot of Zumba virgins. I'm so surprised. Zumba has taken over the Midwest - classes are everywhere, seriously everywhere (every little country church and store front has classes happening at all hours of the day and night). You'll love it. It takes a little bit getting used to and no 2 teachers are the same. So I suggest going to a couple of classes before you make a final decision!!! Hope you and the other commenters have a great experience.

  6. Happy birthday Kelly! It's Blake's birthday, too!

  7. Just got mine in on Tuesday, a new yoga class... planning to post on it tomorrow! I'm loving this challenge. :)

  8. That's a beautiful picture of all three of you! Hope she has a great birthday!

  9. Thanks for the shout out!! :) I took zumba for awhile, but got a little bored with it. It is great cardio, but I echo the comment of take a couple different classes to see what teacher you like. They are all very different!

  10. I've got my XT picked out - now I gotta do it! I love Jen's shirt - it's from my Cupcake Classic!! yeah - love seeing it in action! OMG, the photo of you as a kid is adorable! And wowzer Kim, you look all glammed up in the wedding pix! It's funny how "runner friends" look so different in real clothes and makeup. LOL