Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Platte River - Before and After

In spite of my race finish, Denver was good to me.  As usual, I had the best time with my bloggy buddies.  S and I met LJ at the airport.  She rode with us to the expo at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton.

S is such a patient and kind photographer.
Not much to the expo, but we did get a long sleeve white Brooks tech shirt.
Turns out, this weekend was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Have you heard of Molly Brown?  She's from Denver and her house is a museum.  (I did have to ask if she survived the Titanic.  S reminded me she's known as The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  I knew I should have watched that whole damn movie.)

Unfortunately, the last tour for Saturday was sold out.  Darn 100th anniversary.
We did spend some time in the gift shop.  I bought a magnet and LJ almost bought Titanicopoly.  S purchased a special gift for Fruit Fly.  Remember, they do share a love of the movie Titanic.  Come to find out LJ does too.  Might I remind you all that we know how the movie ends...

An Applebee's wasn't close to our hotel, but we did meet for dinner at Chilis.  L and B were there, with kids and R.  Plus, we met Kara for the first time.  I did try to convince her to travel with us in the future.  I hope she will!

Oops, where's Kara?
There are people shorter than L and B!
S and I stayed at the Hampton Inn, 4 miles from the race start.  I like the Hampton, since they offer a nice breakfast in the morning.  Sorry LJ, no hotel pictures this time.  It wasn't that exciting.

Sunday night we met in downtown Denver for dinner.  The restaurant was near where the Colorado Rockies play.  They were in town, and we should have gone to a game.  It's the least I could have done for S, since he loves baseball.  Next time, next time.

We had wanted to go to the Napa Valley of Beer, an area of Colorado where many different breweries are located.  Unfortunately, the Napa Valley of Beer tours are closed on Sundays.  We settled on the Wynkoop Brewing Company, since it was open.

And, I discovered my "authentic" Colorado meal.  A buffalo burger.  First time trying buffalo, and I highly recommend it.  Much, much better than a hamburger or veggie burger.  So, crawfish when in New Orleans...Buffalo in Colorado....maybe potatoes in Idaho?

Monday afternoon, before we turned in the rental car, I convinced S to make one more stop.  I found Washington Park online, 20 minutes from the airport.  The weather was perfect for a walk around the lake.  Denver really is a beautiful city.

Might have stepped in goose poop while posting this pic to FB.  It was worth it.

A mommy group doing yoga, babies, um, crying in the strollers.
Our flights in and out of Denver were on Frontier Airlines.  This was my first time flying Frontier.  They are my new favorite airline, for two reasons:

1. Flights were on time and there's no first class, so we could use the potties in the front and back of the plane,
2.  (Most importantly)  They serve Diet Pepsi!  This is the first airline I've been on that doesn't serve Coke.  Yeah!

Thanks again to L and B for showing us a great time in Denver.  Next stop, Idaho!


  1. S is a terrific husband and a great photographer! :-)

  2. haha yoga with the strollers, dedication. I'm suprised you didn't put a 3rd reason you liked Frontier was because of the different animals!! I flew with them out to San Fran in the fall, I feel that their seats are pretty comfortable as well.

    we'll find something potatoe-y for sure in Idaho... what is Oregon known for?

  3. Looks like you had a great time!

    Apparently Molly Brown survived two disasters where the ships sank, if I am thinking of the right person. I don't really like Titanic, the movie, that much!

  4. I was laughing at that baby part...too funny...sounds like you had a fantastic time all around.

  5. fun times meeting friends!!!
    we need a meeting like this!
    come run Big Sur?!

    the stroller thing...I used to do was not yoga it was some running and other workout...I hated it...:)

  6. um, you have never had buffalo??? how is that possible :) i use it all the time in place of beef. what will we eat in GA and AL when you head this way...

  7. I've never had a buffalo burger, either. Way to find the local foods... glad you had such a great time!

  8. LOVE flying Frontier...its all we fly now. Access to both bathrooms, DIRECTV keeps my kiddos (and hubby) entertained the whole flight....thats worth $6 to me AND the did get cookies, right?? Glad you had fun in Denver. Is Nebraska on your list to run anytime soon? We have some fun races :)

  9. oh how i love the napa valley of beer :) looks like a great trip!

  10. what a fun, bloggy friends trip!

  11. I like Frontier too! I think they were the first flight that I ever had that used the personal screens. Everyone does that now, but I remember theirs as my first.

    I LOVE buffalo burgers. I haven't had once since we moved to KY!

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