Monday, September 24, 2012

I Hate Change (How to be an Ungrateful Wife)

As of Friday, I am the bewildered proud owner of a new laptop.  It's a cute little MacBook Pro.

I didn't want it.

Last week I asked S to "fix" my old laptop.  I've had it for years, ever since the remote control accidentally fell off the couch shattering the screen of my first laptop.  I still blame A for this, she says it was my fault.

So, last week, the Adobe Flash Player crashed on said laptop.  This is no big deal for me, I hardly watch videos and just need to check Facebook, write blog posts and link to my work computer.  The problem was, every time I went to a new website, the error message would appear, check for a fix, then tell me the Flash Player crashed.

I dealt with this for most of the week, then asked for help.  S about hit the roof trying to fix the laptop.  I was afraid he was going to throw it across the room.  I didn't know one person could come up with so many nasty names for a piece of equipment.  He easily fixed the problem, then declared that I needed a Mac.

S is the giver in our marriage.  He's the impractical spender, the kids' favorite parent.  I suggested waiting until my birthday or Christmas for my new toy.  I even demanded it.  I don't like change, and using a Mac is different than a PC.  The stupid mousepad thing operates in a secret language I have yet to master.  I am afraid to attempt to link a photo to this post...I'll figure out where the photos are on my Mac another day...


In running news, I didn't run long yesterday.  My right ankle is still bothering me, I wasn't up in Sherwood to run with Maureen and I was cranky because I had chores to do.  Is that enough excuses?

I have a few bloggy friends that are nursing injuries.  I keep reminding them that cutting back/giving your body time to heal is what they need to do.  So, I'm taking a dose of my own advice and avoiding postponing the run until Friday this week.  This means I can't skip spin class, or I won't work out at all (and that's not the best plan).  

Plan for the Week
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Arm weights/Spin 45
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday:  Spin 45
Friday:  4 Miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday:  Virtual 5k for Harlie (link HERE)

My next race weekend (Delaware and New Jersey!) is three weeks away, so this is the perfect week to dial it back a bit.

Question:  Do you prefer a Mac or PC?  Any Mac tips/shortcuts/advice you can give me is appreciated.


  1. I love my mac. Once you get used to it, you'll love it. I wish you were closer to me, I could have you up and running in minutes. What are you having trouble with?

    Hope your ankle feels better quickly.

  2. I love Macs. You will get used to the mouse pad soon! some quick tips: if you want to copy or paste, the keyboard shortcut is command key and the C key and command V, NOT control like on a PC. And if you want to "right click" on the Mac, you can hit the control key while you click and a window pops up with options. When you close a window on the Mac, it doesn't QUIT the application, it just closes the window. You can see what apps are open by looking at the dock. To quit a program, Command key and Q is the shortcut.

  3. I hate change to. I am sticking with my pc till they dont make them any more. My son loves his Mac that is what he used in school,so when he went to college he got a Mac,they cos more I will say. It's just what we get use to. Hope try our ankle is better soon. Take that needed rest. Have a good week.

  4. I don't like change - the iPad is slowly easing me into the world of Apple, and while I love the sleek look of their desktops, I'm afraid I'd never get used to it. Your new laptop must be pretty slick, though - hope you get it all figured out soon. :)

    Rest that ankle. You have enough mileage built up that a week off won't mess you up. Are you icing it?

  5. I don't like change either, but congrats on your new laptop! I really want an Ipad and I keep hinting about it since my birthday is coming up. We shall see.
    I hope nothing serious is going on with your ankle. Hopefully after a lower mileage week it will be better. After all you have some half marathons to run. :-)

  6. I <3 my mac! It took some time getting used to it but I will NEVER go back! The only time it crashes or hangs up on me is when I use office for Mac! Mrs. Coover has the best advice on getting used to the switch since that is what I struggled with most at the beginning.

  7. I'm a MAC girl. Always have been. Once you get used to it... you'll LOVE it, I promise. So much more user friendly!!

  8. I also don't like change. I can't stand it. I lost my mind when we got a new laptop, and it was not even that different. i still refuse to do things, I just tell The H to do it. It's obnoxious, I should just stop.

    I think Mac's are pretty. But, like you, I don't know how to use it, and I'm afraid I would get #stabby.

    Don't skip spin!!! You'll turn into me!

  9. I'm agnostic when it comes to computers. I support all of them, however, I do prefer a Mac to a PC for my personal use. I fight with computers all day long, and I really don't need to do it when I get home. So, I guess I would have to go with "yes".

  10. I am a PC girl! I had a MAC in college and as soon as I was done with the classes I needed it for I sold it. the only good thing about the MAC was it held its value and I was able to get what I paid for it two years later.

  11. We converted to Mac and it does take a LOT of getting used to but it's SO much nicer than the PC. You can get yourself a regular mouse (separate/external) if you want, to get your right click back.
    DO rest that ankle. You must not be a gimp like me!

  12. OOO EEEMMM GEEEE!! i would die for a new mac book. not that there is anything wrong with mine, just love shiny new toys. my tip? sign up for the free classes you get when purchasing a mac. assuming S bought it at the mac store…they REALLY help and they can teach you everything you want to learn. they also have tutorials on their website. it was hard at first, but i now hate even getting on my work computer. LOVE MAC!!

    good to be smart about the ankle. i’m definitely learning to follow instructions and rest and be a good patient. it’s hard when you WANT to do more. hope you feel better soon.

  13. I love my mac. There are so many cool "tricks" that you can do with the touch pad... it just takes time to get used to it. For example, if you click with two fingers, it is as good as a right click on a PC. Also you can scroll up and down pages without clicking, just use two fingers. Change is good... :)

    Hope the resting helps your ankle.

  14. I am PC all the way! But my hubs' last career was as a software engineer, so I get a lot of my dislike for Macs from him :)

  15. I much prefer Macs, but lately, I'm getting really sick of how Apple seems to be bullying other companies. But I think Macs are definitely better for playing with pictures and video!

  16. I'm so impatient with computers, I would have been the one throwing it! I hear it takes a while to get used to a Mac, but everybody says they would never go back. Good luck!