Saturday, November 24, 2012

Space Coast Expo Day

As the sun sets here in sunny Florida, S is streaming the Civil War football game on his laptop.  He keeps interrupting my computer time making me give him high fives.  Yes, his Ducks are winning.  It is a good day.

We flew into Orlando last night, then drove to Cocoa Beach, in the dark.  Just like when the girls and I traveled to New Jersey, we awoke to sunshine and a gorgeous beach.

Cocoa Beach.  Barefoot in November.
Lest you think S is not with me (he refused to get his picture taken at the airport last night and dodged the camera later today)...

S, on the phone to Alex.  "Yes, our Ducks are going to win.  Is it raining in Oregon?"
After a walk on the beach, we drove to the Kennedy Space Center to pick up our race packets.

Surprisingly, the Space Center was 30 minutes away from Cocoa Beach (and tomorrow's start line). Driving in to the parking lot, you can see the space shuttle Atlantis and the museum being built around it.  It will be open to view summer 2013.

Luckily, I remembered to print off the free parking pass found in our virtual race bag.  We were able to park for free, saving $10.

The expo was medium sized, I assumed it would be a bit bigger.  It was in one large room, near the Rocket Garden.  A handful of vendors were there, including Brooks.  The only free sample was of some juice.  I might just be ready for a Rock 'n Roll expo. I didn't take any expo pictures (since you all know what a room full of vendors looks like), but I did see Bart Yasso coming out of the bathroom.  I was too chicken to follow him and get a picture, even though we exchanged tweets Friday night.

To tour the Space Center would have cost $50, but we did get to walk around outside, including the Rocket Garden.  S mentioned this place made him sad, since the US is no longer funding manned space flight.

No roller coasters, but cool rockets!
After consulting Yelp, I convinced S to try a local restaurant for lunch.  Ms. Apple's Crab Shack lived up to its reviews.  No frills seafood at its best.  Live crabs to purchase in the front of the store.

I ordered a lobster meal, with potatoes and corn on the cob.  S and I split it, after heating it (ourselves) in the shack's microwave.  The best $11 seafood meal I've ever had.  We ate outside at picnic tables, covered in butcher paper.  Mallets are tied down to the tables for diners to use.

After lunch, we drove the half marathon course.  Shuttles are available from our hotel, but we've decided to drive ourselves and find parking near the start.  The out and back course is on a two lane road, right along the beach.  This course is flat and the scenery is gorgeous.  I'm saving course pictures for the race report.

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!

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I forgot about the free Moon Pies from the expo.  Yum!


  1. I love reading about this trip... since we were just there!!! My hubs said exactly the same thing about the whole Space program... and we too decided to save our $100 and just walk around some astronaut museum down the road (free parking). Hope you have a BLAST on your run... no pun intended, space cadet. Hope you get to have a celebratory dinner at Milligan's Reef.

  2. yay! You DID see Bart! next time, photo :)

    Hope you have a great race!!

    woo-hoo for a civil war win too!

  3. I love scenic races esp. on the ocean! Have fun.

  4. I do not have a clue who Bart is, but I feel you should have chased him down for a picture! I'm jealous is of this event, sounds like such fun! You should hear how my parents are leaning on me not to drive all the way down to your place next week! Can I confirm with them that Oregon provides adequate emergency medical care, if needed?? Will you call 911 if my guts burst open? Does Oregon HAVE 911 service?? Oh, if they could, they would ground my butt to keep me from coming! :) I have promised to pose the issue to my doctor on Monday, who may be concerned about all the Ducks' energy around you, but little else, I suspect. :)

  5. so cool you are at Kennedy Space Ctr. As a kid who grew up wanting to study the stars, breaks my heart that we're not funding space programs anymore.

  6. I remember going to the space center with my parents when I was in high school. I thought that it was really cool. We were listening to the civil war game on the radio because we were driving to Pacific City to eat and drink some delish beer at the Pelican Pub when the game was on. So excited that the Ducks won. Woohoo! Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

  7. i felt so sad in huntsville too-i can’t believe we aren’t funding space programs. and you got moonpies!?!?!? they throw those at mardi gras. my fav :)