Monday, December 10, 2012

Long Run or Swim?

The Christmas cards arrived in the mail.  Our family card turned out great.  S and I should have agreed on our mailing list before I ordered the cards.  Not sure I ordered enough.  Dang.

Don't worry Team Prancer, I've got you covered.  Your cards will go out in the next few days!


For the first week ever I didn't have any rest days.  Last week, on days I would have done nothing, I did yoga instead.  I've found great 10-30 minute yoga/stretch videos on You Tube (some through Pinterest).  Here's a simple 10 minute post run stretch sequence (shared by Elizabeth) that showed me how truly inflexible I am.


A's high school hosted a basketball tournament this weekend.  I loved watching two games in two days.  The boys' team played as well.  West's girls and boys both won (what gracious hosts, come play at our house so we can beat you). 

S and I attended a grown up only Christmas party on Saturday night.  Thanks to Free Julie, we brought the coolest liqueur.  Have you heard of TY-KU?

Admittedly, I purchased it because the bottle is a festive holiday green and it lights up.  Our drink wasn't complicated, Ty-Ku, vodka and lemonade.  S, as usual, was a stellar bartender.

We then played a subjective game, the name of which I can't remember.  However, one of the questions was-- 

What is the worst reality show of all time?  

My answer?  Real Housewives of Miami.


With all of the basketball and, um, partying, I woke up Sunday morning and bailed on my long run gave myself the choice to long run or swim.  At 8am, a relaxing swim won the debate.

At 11:30am, after 50 yards and my first swig of Gatorade, I realized that swimming only sounds easier.  I don't wear a watch and have low expectations since I'm so new to this sport.  However, just because it's low impact (and my right calf and hamstring don't hurt when I do it), lap swimming is hard and tires me out.

The Y didn't have the floaty lane lines (is that what they're called?) up yesterday.  S and I had to share a lane, as it was a bit crowded.  My job was to stay to the right of the line on the bottom of the pool and he would stay to the left of it.  I only crashed bumped into him once, less than I expected.

I'm ready to get good at this swimming thing.  You know, so good that I start looking forward under water instead of always at the bottom of the pool.  Consider me legit, I purchased a swim cap last night.

Plan for the Week
Monday:  4 miles
Tuesday:  Totally Toned/Swim
Wednesday: 4 Miles
Thursday:  5 miles/Swim
Friday:  Yoga
Saturday: Rest
Sunday:  8 miles

How about you...would you swap a long run for a swim?  What do you think is the worst reality show of all time?


  1. There are so many awful reality shoes out there. I would have to say the ones that I think are really bad are: Jersey Shore & Real World. There are some reality shows that I like, but I won't admit to which ones. :-)

  2. I hope I made the mailing list! Also, I saw the picture of the alcohol before I read what it was and I swear I thought it was KY, and I thought your post was about to get real dirty. Obviously, my mind is in the gutter this morning.

  3. I have never bought light-up liquor. But I might. That's pretty.

    I LOVE RHOM. I cannot stand anything set in New Jersey, though.

  4. long run every time--- i don't swim well.

    i think all real housewive shows are terrible, but i'm going to have to go with teen mom--- just complete garbage and white trash- they should not get fame for all their drama and bad decisions.

  5. I think looking at the bottom of the pool is what you're supposed to do. At least, my swim coach always told us that. You use the line and markers on the bottom to tell where you are. When your head stays down you are more streamlined. Looking fwd creates drag. So you are doing it right! Worst reality shows: Bachelor and Bachelorette. They are awful!

  6. I forgot about that Dance Moms show with that awful dance teacher. That's probably the worst. Or that Honey Boo Boo shoe. Although, I haven't seen either of them, they look horrible.

  7. worst reality show... Jersey Shore? but I don't watch many so I am no expert.

    I am not a swimmer so I would have to go with a long run!

  8. never a swim. never ever. Interesting booze…i can imagine that just by the looks of the bottle-it would hurt the next day! worst reality show?? agreeing on RH of Miami. And some of those newer reality shows like wipeout

  9. OMG, you're swimming?!?! What did I miss? Shall we see a TRI in your future??? Swimming is so incredibly difficult (for me), but a great workout. I would rather long run anyday... although I've been craving a swim lately. Time to get back in the pool & register for a 2013 tri.

  10. I probably wouldn't swap a long run for a swim although I would switch days. I should have my cards in a day or too and then I can send them too.

  11. You guys are a wealth of good cocktails. I wish we lived closer to S could bartend for us!

  12. Yum, Ty-Ku! I should have bought two bottles when I was visiting you in the land of cheap alcohol!

    I am mixing it with the vitamin water zero lemonade and vodka - I like it better than our lemonade concoction, but I know you have a sweet tooth. :)

    This afternoon our office holiday party is at the restaurant where I first discovered that Ty-Ku and I will happily pay $11 for the best drink I've ever had. I have a list of the ingredients (there are a lot!) - I'd pay Insanity good money to figure out a recipe for me!