Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five - Pre RNR Arizona Edition

1.  Tuesday I ran in this:

Foggy Oregon
4 miles, listening to the Another Mother Runner podcast (the one where they talk to Dimity's Ironman coach about how to train for 2014 races).  41:16.

2.  Yesterday, I ran in this:

Not foggy Oregon.
5 miles, listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast.  48:16.

Both days the temps were in the 30s, but the weather was dry.  Long sleeves, long running tights, gloves, hat, blah.  I am so very ready to be in Phoenix tomorrow.  Now that's my kind of weather. Look at that low (and that high) for Sunday!

Swimsuit weather.
3.  Rock N Roll sent out an email regarding runner tracking again this year.  Agh!  I hate that they charge for it, and now it's $5 per runner.  Ridiculous.  On the other hand, one of my buddies needs to downgrade from the half to the "mini marathon" since she's injured.  Surprisingly, they'll let her do that for free.  I guess they do have a heart after all.

4.  Sunday will be my second time running this half.  You can read all about last year's race HERE. This year it's a girls' weekend, in a swanky hotel near the start.  Last year, I shared the guest room at my parents', on a trundle bed with S.   I had a nightmare, I kicked him in the face IRL and somehow he ended up with a black eye.

I haven't traveled with these buddies before.  No one tell them I am the worst roommate ever...luckily they don't read my blog.

5.  Plans for this year's race?  My buddies are split down the middle.  Half of them are gunning for a sub 2 hour finish, the others are injured or walk/run pace.  Last year I finished with a 2:08.  I have been running consistently, but avoiding the speed workouts the others have completed once a week.

My big goal for the year is 3 halfs in 3 days in April.  I don't want to lose site of getting there injury free.  Sooo....I'm going to start with the sub 2 ladies and see how long it feels good to stay with them.  I'm going to beat the PF Chang's dragon.  I weigh at least 10 lbs. less than last year, so I better run under 2:08, beating last year's time.

Then, post race, we're going to hang out and enjoy the sunshine in downtown Phoenix.  Good times, good times.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!  I hope you have sunshine and cool temps.


  1. have so much fun!! i think you will surprise yourself and easily run the sub 2! (not just 2:08)

  2. The weather looks perfect in Phoenix - good luck and most of all, have a blast!!!

  3. ENjoy some sunshine for me too! So ready for some warmer temps!

  4. I have been wanting to listen to some podcasts during my runs. Any suggestions?! (Running, fitness or nutrition related?) Where do you get yours or search for them? (May be a silly question but have had a hard time finding some great ones)

  5. Have run and run well in Phx. The weather there seems good - warm but not too warm. That's a race I'd like to do sometime.

  6. Oh RnR races, they charge so much for the race itself, you would think they would include the tracking. Their focus is on the business and that's why I stopped running their races.

    You picked a great race plan, good luck!!

  7. Weather in Phoenix is perfect for running. Hope it went well :)


  8. You killed your sub 2 goal! Watching your progress makes me want to try harder at losing weight!