Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

1.  I left my heart running shoes in Arizona.  They had just over 300 miles on them, which is just about the time I need to switch.  I made sure to take the Road Runner $$$ insoles out and move them to my new shoes.

Pretty purple and pink 7s.
I purchased a pairs of Saucony Guide 6s last fall, online from Road Runner.  Somehow, my credit card got hacked on the same day, my order was put on hold and they ran out of the el cheapo clearance 6s.  Much to my delight, the store subbed in the new 7s at the low price, so I had them ship me two pair.

2.  I was a bit nervous, as I've been wearing Saucony Guides for awhile.  I liked the 4s, hated the 5s and came back around for the 6s.  Would the 7s be worthy?  I dusted them off and...

I took them out for their first 5 miles yesterday (my first run since the RNR Arizona Half), and my new shoes and the weather were stellar.  Blue skies, 46 degrees and a bit of wind.  I wore sunglasses!  Yeah, you want to live here, I know you do.

3.  This weekend's long run has been moved to this morning (7 miles from the local coffee shop).  I can't join my buddies tomorrow, because it is A's birthday!

January 28, 1997 (we were stuck in the hospital for 3 days).  See, I'm really a Husky fan at heart (can you see the UW on her socks?)
4.  Yeah, my baby is 17.  17!!!!  How did that happen?

Time flies, moms, enjoy every moment.
I'm kind of emotional about this birthday.  She's such a great kid.  Her basketball team is struggling with injuries this year (another starter is out for two weeks now, that makes 3 total) and she's had a rough week.  For so long it seemed there were so many years of growing up stretching ahead of us, and, for a change, I can see the end of the tunnel.

I can't imagine what it will be like to send her off to college in the next two years.

Happy Birthday, A!  

5.  Enough of my emotional mommy stuff.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.  And, good luck to everyone starting their training plans for a spring race.  We've got this, one mile at a time!


  1. Happy Birthday to A, and happy anniversary of becoming a mom to you!

  2. Happy birthday to A!

    Too bad I have NH/VT already or I'd join you in 2015. I'm only getting 4 new states and 1 country in 2014... Glad some of them are with you!

    And I don't want to talk about the weather...

  3. we have matching shoes! Happy Birthday, A! and, I like your brown hair! :) for reals.

  4. i'm told the older we get, the more time flies- ack!

    I'm sure you can talk to my mom about how it was sending me off to college...great for me, not so much for her

  5. It's truuuuue, I DO want to live there <3

  6. Happy birthday A!!!!
    You look the same as you did 17 yrs ago!
    I always tell my kids no more growing up after 10!!

    Love the color of the new shoes! Purple shoe laces I like that

  7. Glad the shoes are working out for you. Oh and Happy Birthday to A. :-)

    That photo app is great. Thanks!

  8. Super SCORE on the shoes!
    Happy Birthday to A! Love the throwback pix of you! ;)

  9. Great deal on the shoes!!!
    YES. I want to live there :) I like it there.. and here. Maybe I just need a vacation / trail running home.

    Happy Birthday to A~ Time goes by so quickly..♥

    Small Town Runner

  10. I LOVED the Guide 4s and also hated the 5s. It broke my heart when I couldn't run in the guides anymore.I'm on a running break. But let us know how they worked for you!