Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving on to the Transformation

Yesterday, I completed the "spark" stage of the New Metabolic Effect Diet Book plan.  This means, I'm moving to the "transformation" stage this week.  I will still do weights 3x/week, but the reps will be lowered to 8 (from 12) and the weight increases to 15 lbs (from 12.5).  The typical 20 minutes of circuits will have 5 minutes of supersets added, with 7.5 lb weights (assuming S can fix our adjustable weight set, if not, I'll have to use 5s).

Please don't be broken.
I know some of you are skeptical about this plan, for those of you that aren't, I recommend reading the book.  It's not a one size fits all plan, but a way to understand how food affects the hormones in your body.  A chance to control your hunger, energy and cravings.  Or, at least, you will gain an understanding to the science of why they are out of control.

I'm most excited about the changes I'm seeing in my body, due to the weights workouts (and food changes).  My bathroom scale measures body fat, I know it's not the most accurate measurement, but am thrilled by the downward change in the percentage since the beginning of October.  My weight had gone down and back up and back down.  However, three months into this and I am down 15 lbs. and 6% body fat (as noted on my imperfect scale).  I consider that a huge success.

We celebrated A's birthday this past weekend.  I slipped and slided around my food plan.  Pietro's Pizza for lunch on Saturday.  Some Chipotle chips.  And, I couldn't resist one of her birthday cupcakes.

I ordered them special for her basketball team.  Ironically, on Friday night she scored 17 points for her 17th birthday.  Kinda cool to pass them out to the team after the game.  And they won.  What a relief.

She also went to her first R rated movie (American Hustle) and was extremely disappointed that they didn't ID her when she was buying her ticket.  Oh well.

Plan for the Week
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: Weights/Yoga
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: Weights/5 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: Weights/Yoga

Time to start building the Th/Fri/Sa mileage up for 3 halfs in 3 days.  Last week I only ran a total of 15 miles, a step back due to the RNR Arizona Half.  Two 6 milers back to back this week is a big deal for me.  I'll be stretching before and after, I refuse to get injured.


  1. The fact that she was disappointed that they didn't check her ID at the R movie made me giggle.

  2. The book sounds interesting; thanks for sharing. I am such a yo-yo when it comes to weight loss. This is the second year in a row I have hit the high 160s and couldn't seem to lose anymore. Very frustrating! Maybe I will have to check out the book!

  3. i am so proud of you for sticking with your plan- 3 months is a long time to do anything, but seeing results does help :)

  4. Awwwww, those cupcakes are the cutest!!! You're the best mom ever.

  5. In the last five years, I have been carded for an R rated movie. It's a lot less exciting when you're in your 30s.

  6. I totally need to do something to shed some fat. I know I should be doing some strength training, but I HATE STRENGTH TRAINING! But I'm finally at the point where I hate being fat worse, so maybe this is the year.

  7. i'm a big believer in splurging on birthdays! that is very important. Please send cupcakes my way. :) Really proud of you for sticking to this plan!

  8. -15 lbs. and -6% body fat!! Girl, keep doin' what you're doing!! I say your body is LIKIN it! :) Awesome on the whole 17 pts on the 17th birthday!