Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Coming back to reality after a racecation is always exhausting.  I flew in from Phoenix Monday morning, got lunch and was at work for the afternoon.  I took it as a rest day, but was able to get up Tuesday morning and get my weights and yoga completed.

After Sunday's extremely successful half, I have a renewed commitment to weights 3x/week.  I'm so glad I ran, even though I had done RNR Arizona before.  It was a huge confidence builder for 2014, in regards to workout plans and fat loss.  I even skipped my standard 1/2 cookie at Panera during lunch yesterday!

2.  I spent Tuesday afternoon scheming about fall races.  All over the internet, airline websites, race websites, texting my 50 states buddies trying to get them to commit to accompany me.  I have 20 states to finish, and have only 5 planned and registered for this year.

Darn you small states (and expensive airfare) in the Northeast!!
Kentucky, Tennesse, Arkansas and Kansas will be completed in April.  Wisconsin in August.  Maybe the Talladega Half Marathon (Alabama) for September...

I would like to get a double done in NH/VT in October, but S won't come with me.  I won't travel that far and drive between states without a buddy.  He said he might be willing to go in 2015...

Half the fun of racing the states is in the planning, and the tagging along, and the convincing of girlfriends that they really want to come with me!

Photo Courtesy from HERE.
3.  The workout plan for this week has been no running until today.  From now until April, I plan to run 3 days in a row (Th/F/Sa) when possible and build up my mileage for 3 halfs in 3 days.

Plan for the Week
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Weights/Yoga
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: Weights/5 miles
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: Weights/Yoga

With the crazy weather in the rest of the country, I feel really lucky to be in Oregon with no rain in the forecast and lows in the 30s.  Stay warm!


  1. Loving your three things! So what are you thinking for PA in the lines of running the 50 states? Let me know as I grew up in PA and maybe we can work out a way to run it together. I have already done PA but that's okay!1

  2. Come run ZOOMA Cape Cod in September!!!!

  3. Great three things! I just read Lisa's recap of her 50th state, makes me wish I could do something like this! so awesome!

  4. NH/VT in the fall sounds so perfect, I don't know why S would not want to go. Is he broken??????

  5. L and I had tried to do a NY/VT double, but then nothing seemed to fall on the right weekends. New England planning is rough.

    If I had money, I would join you!

  6. Which state are you saving for #50? Vegas? I so so want to do the New England Double with you... it is my birthday weekend you know, kind of... Goodness, did you see the 1st one on that double is described as "challenging" with typical VT hills. Oh dear!

  7. How cool! I have always wanted to run in all 50 states but I don't think I can accomplish that on a teachers salary! Good luck!

  8. I know we still need to discuss the race...selfishly, part of me wants to go somewhere new because I need a fall race. Is there anything in Missouri? I can happily tag along if we can't find anything. It's a short drive from Atl, I just don't know about traffic and where to stay, etc.

  9. Keep me posted on your travel/run plans. I'll tag along with you. :-)