Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be Present

The teenager is a bit stressed this week.  You see, last Friday the (slightly) unexpected happened.

Her basketball team (ranked #10) upset the #7 team and earned their way to Matthew Knight Arena at the U of O.  Their first game is tonight, and other games will be played Thursday-Saturday.

She came home from practice Sunday night totally frustrated.  She has two tests tomorrow and two tests Friday…how could the coach decide to stay in Eugene all day Thursday?  If they lose tonight, they play at 10:45 tomorrow AM.  Their boys' team plays their first game at 3:15 tomorrow.  But what about my AP History and Chemistry tests?  Doesn't he know we're student athletes?

I had to laugh.  Only my kid would NOT want to plan to miss a day of school.  Only my kid would have to be reminded what a privilege it is to play in the state tournament.  Reminded that many schools will be staying in Eugene for 4 days.  Reminded that her teachers will work with her and reschedule the tests to whenever she wants to take them.

I realize that this personality, um, defect, is one I have as well.  Lately I've been getting frustrated planning my longer mileage.  A bit frustrated with the basketball schedule and how to fit my workouts in around the games.  Lacking motivation to walk out the door and just run (my 3 halfs in 3 days is in 4 weeks).

The advice I gave the teenager was some that I needed, probably more than she did.

Get a good night's sleep
Talk to your teachers and come up with a plan to fit everything in this week
Be present, enjoy each moment, the week will fly by

Hey kid, Be present at each of your last few practices as a Junior.  Focus on your tests when you take them.  Take a breath as you walk on to Kilkenny Floor for the first time.  How many athletes have the thrill of playing on this court (three years in a row)?

That is the actual court.  Yup, trees on it.
I need to Be Present, too.  For each run I can squeeze in this week.  For each chance I can lift weights.  No regrets for what doesn't get completed.  Take a breath, as I watch my daughter playing my favorite sport in the state tournament.  What a privilege, to be a healthy runner, who gets to fly to Memphis and run half marathons next month.

But, most importantly, what a privilege, to be her mom.

Plan for the Week
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Weights/4 miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6 miles/weights
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: Weights/yoga


  1. Congrats to your daughter and her team!! How exciting!!! I need to remember more often than not to be present wherever I am. Time will tick by too quickly and I just need to be there instead of pushing time along!!

  2. Such an exciting time for her (and you!) I fondly miss my H.S. daze...

  3. Ahhh...I feel calm after getting to the end of your post. I have a lot going on, too, and your reminder to be present was much needed, so thank you...and GOOD LUCK, A!!!

  4. Being present is always a good reminder! And the sleep thing, too.

    Congrats to her and to mom! I love girls' basketball and know what a big deal it is to play in the state tourney. (Thing1's ability got her to JV, which was no small feat, so I've been to many of those games.) What an exciting, wonderful time for her and the family!

  5. #1 is the same way. She was losing her mind over Latin homework when we went to Fresno. Ah, student athletes.....

    Good luck (to both of you!) this weekend!

  6. Congrats to your daughter and her team. That's awesome! Good luck to them this weekend and good luck to her on her tests, that is kind of funny, that would not have been my biggest worry!

  7. LOVE this!! Congrats to A and her team! I do the same thing and need to stop rushing through things and just take a moment and breath. That's what my rainy Sunday, today, is for!