Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five

1.  I didn't swim on Wednesday.  It was raining outside and I was uninspired.  In spite of going in to work early, I still didn't get everything done in time.  In time = enough minutes to drive to the Y, change and swim 1000 yards before the swim team takes over the pool and lap swim ends.

I worked late (for me), drove home in the rain and immediately put on my lounge around the house outfit.  Once those clothes are on, they aren't coming off for anything!  Hence, I didn't head out to the evening lap swim time after dinner.  I've never swam after dinner.  I wonder if it's really crowded?  Late afternoon is never crowded, if I can just get my tasks done at work in time.

Therefore: Wednesday = rest day.

2.  Ever since reading the Metabolic Effect Diet book, I don't feel guilty about skipping a non weights workout.  I can usually stick to my weekly plan, but if a swim, yoga or run get swapped for a rest day, no sweat (literally).

The ME plan is weights and walking (and diet changes).  For me, that puts weights as my #1 priority each week.

3.  Yesterday, the weights were #1.  I woke up early, zoomed downstairs and completed my circuits and superset.  There was no time to dilly dally, as I (somehow) had talked Trisha into meeting in my driveway for 6 miles.

4.  I wish I had pictures of our run.  But, in that much wind and rain, iPhones should be left safely at home.  Our route was two three mile loops.  We ran by two different parks, where the creeks were overflowing their banks and flooding the sidewalks.  Trisha kept asking, "what are you doing to me!?!"

I haven't run in that much consistent rain in awhile.  Always grateful to face that kind of weather with a buddy.  Running in wind and rain solo is, well, lonely.

The weather is so depressing, I splurged and bought daffodils this week.  Spring is coming!
5.  Running in the rain was delightful, compared to getting my first ever crown at the dentist shortly afterwards.  I was told to get it done in December, but put it off until yesterday.  Crowns are for my parents and grandparents, right?  Am I really old enough to be needing one for myself?

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow and Sunday!

And, to all of the high school basketball teams vying for state tournament spots tonight!  A's team must win, then they are on to the Final 8 at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene next weekend.


  1. I've been reading the ME book. I love it. Great info. Have a great weekend

  2. Good luck to A's team!

    Is it karma that you didn't want to swim, but then the next day you ended up having to run in the rain? One way or another, the universe was determined to get you soaking wet!

  3. Good luck to A's team! I love following her team through you. LOL

    I don't feel guilty anymore either. I love that.

  4. I can't imagine purposely running in the rain... But, at this point, I would do just about anything to get off the treadmill.

  5. I had zero energy yesterday and this morning so I skipped my t25 (first time to do this)
    I actually don't feel guilty because I know my body needed the rest. Guilt is not productive :)

  6. I can't imagine running in the rain alone, that would be so sad :(. I am glad I've had running friends to run with the very few times I've had to race in the rain (lucky for me in SoCal, training in the rain isn't a "real" problem...)

    Weights are kind of the funnest.

  7. After that run I definitely deserve the blog mention!

  8. running in the thank you!! impressed you stuck to it!