Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peak Week

Last basketball update of the season.

4th in State (again!)
A's team won their final game to take the 4th place trophy.  Nothing like a basketball game at 9am Saturday to get your weekend started!  So proud of these girls and what they accomplished.

This will be my highest mileage training week of this training cycle.  Honestly, I'm ready to get it over with.

My left knee hurt a bit on yesterday's 4 miler.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed last Saturday's afternoon (post basketball game) 8 miler.  There are so many ups and downs during a training cycle.  I need the bad to truly appreciate the good.

Plan for the Week
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: Weights/Yoga
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 10 miles/ Yoga PM
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Rest

I don't prefer doing my Metabolic Effect weight circuits/supersets two days in a row.  And, I will probably miss the third weekly weights workout for the first time in 5 months.  I can't imagine lifting Thursday morning then running 8 miles (I've snuck the weights in before 5 and 6 miles, but 8?!?). Then I thought about doing the weights Friday night, sandwiched between two 10 mile days.  Dude, give me a break.  I'll let the miles take priority for this week.

I'm trying to replicate what it will feel like in three weeks, running 3 half marathons in 3 days.  I know, there's a big difference between 28 miles in 3 days vs. 39.3 miles in 3 days, but this will be as close as I get.

Step by step, one day at a time.  I can see the finish line(s).


  1. Remember the point of the training is the incremental gains in fitness *over the whole training cycle* - by training your legs to continue moving when they're fatigued, you'll be JUST FINE during the halfs. Plus all the strength training, don't discount the benefits from that!

    Did you know, our fastest mile during Goofy weekend was mile 26 of the marathon?

  2. Holy cow! 3 halfs in 3 days?! You rock! Which one's are you doing? Close to eachother I hope;)

  3. Every time I see the basketball girls, I think their jerseys say "NEST" rather than "WEST".

  4. yep. first week home in 3 weeks. i'm finally catch up! yay, A!! congrats to her team! and, you will do great in the 1/2s! Your fitness is there!