Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To Taper or Not to Taper... or to Taper Sort Of

Now that the Hot Chocolate 15k is in the (bib scrap)book…

Do you have a scrapbook for your race bibs?  I have just started my second one.  I'm so crafty.
3 halfs in 3 days in 3 states is just 6 weeks away!

MCM Mama wrote a great post yesterday about tapering.  She'll be running the 3 halfs with me, then go on to do 2 more, for 5 halfs in 5 days.  Her post has forced me to look at my plan.  Reevaluate as it were.  She is a running coach, and infinitely smarter than me when it comes to running plans.  

The question she posed to me… One week taper or two??

My running weeks are often dictated by family scheduling and kids activities.  Spring break is exactly three weeks before this 3 halfs adventure.  Since we will be in Hawaii over spring break (poor me), my taper shall start then.  The week before we leave, my mileage will peak at 8, 10, 10 for three days in a row.  I'll drop down to 5, 6, 6 in paradise…then 5, 6, 8 the week after we come back.  

I'll be sneaking in a 10k with my Haulin' Sass buddies the Sunday before we leave for Memphis.  Why?  Because I can…  I'm realizing that you may not want to take training advice from me.  The social aspect of running often gets in the way of logic.

Plan for this Week
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: Weights/Yoga
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: Weights/6 miles
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: Weights/Yoga

How about you?  One, two (or three) week taper?  Would you sign up for a 10k just because you were invited?


  1. Finally, the thing B and I do not agree on. I <3 taper. The second I hit 2-ish weeks out, I pretend I've never run a step, and do negative zero activity. I taper HARD.

    10k's are my least favorite distance, so NO. Click.

  2. I'm not a coach but... I only follow "taper rules" when I'm racing a race. Running for fun... meh! I'm much more a social run-for-fun kind of runner lately...

  3. i think every week for me is a taper week lol. Honestly, i feel like you've run enough over the last handful of years that your body has adjusted fine. Its one thing to taper when you're running 50+ miles a week and have uber multiple double digit runs, but given how you adjusted your plan with everything you're going on, I don't think 'taper' is necessary. my 2 cents.

  4. For a marathon I taper 2 weeks, for a half I just take it easy the week before. I think it's ok to run the 10k and then just take it easy the days before your 3 halfs. You will do great!!!

  5. I'd do the 10k. But I'm also the crazy who is considering a half that weekend...

    I want to taper just so I can stop running 50 mile weeks. So tired. So hungry!

  6. 2 week taper! And, you just saw my post. I can't stop clicking register either. It's social for me, too. :)